King’s Kidz workshops will provide you with insightful ideas on how to assist young children regarding health and nutrition. You will obtain numerous hands-on activities that can be conducted immediately in your classroom or facility.


• Fun exercise activities to do with children
• All year around activities (Outside & Inside)
• Physical fitness activities involving families
• Exercises integrated with subject content (Math, Science, English/Language, Social Studies, & Art,)
• Age appropriate exercises for all children (including infants)




• Recipes to prepare for children (Samples)
• Gardening ideas
• Smoothie party
• Nutrition games Example: Food: BINGO
• Nutrition ideas integrated with subject content (Math, Science, English Language, Social Studies, & Art)



healthyHealthy Lifestyles:

• Rest information for all age groups
• Dental Care
• Medical and routine check-ups
• Vision & Hearing Care
• How to live a stress free life




Combination 3-in-1:

This workshop will touch on all three of the King’s Kidz workshops.